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Cool Animal Behavior images

Some cool animal behavior images:

animal behavior
Image by BioDivLibrary
The wild beasts of the world /.
London :T. C. & E. C. Jack,[1909?].

Save the Girlfriend
animal behavior
Image by MTSOfan
I've posted Wolfgang's "girlfriend" before. It's a long, stuffed toy with a squeaker. I've noted how our miniature dachshund seems to recognize her face. He puts the face in his food bowl while he's eating. He props her up on the arm of his favorite chair in the right position so his girlfriend can "see" out the window. He does these things consistently.

Now, we think we've figured out something else. Wolfgang's not just barking randomly at the mop and broom over in the corner. Our tiny dog will place his girlfriend on the floor, near those giants. Then, he'll nudge the mop or the broom with his nose and act startled when it moves. And, in a moment or two, he will snatch his girlfriend from the area, barking at the looming monsters.

If Wolfgang feeds his friend consistently, and helps her to see out the window, then could he also pretend to rescue her?

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