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Cool Animal Control images

Some cool animal control images:

The two coati wrestling for control of the bed
animal control
Image by jon_a_ross
The white nosed Coati were willing to put on a wrestling match for us. One was sleeping while a second headed out to get some food and then tried to return to the nest. At that point a brief (and harmless) struggle broke out. Wrestling back and forth the two Coati played with each other to no effect.

Walking from the Australian display at the calgary zoo towards the old primate house, now renamed 'South America' we passed by the old animal. Once inside the south american display a number of monkeys and other creatures make their homes there.

A brief trip to the Calgary Zoo (www.calgaryzoo.com).

animal control
Image by David W Oliver
"Alfalfa" from the San Francisco Animal Shelter

Controlling the dinosaur
animal control
Image by Nic Stewart

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