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Nice Plush Stuffed Animals photos

Check out these plush stuffed animals images:

Happy Sleepy Bright Mind
plush stuffed animals
Image by Happy Sleepy
Happy Sleepy Bright Mind is is made of purple wool felt and silver velvet, with a shiny silver lame stripe. The eyes are hand embroidered with black thread.

The purple fabric is rich, dark and calm, tending towards blue purple rather than red.

This abstract animal, the signature and namesake item of our shop, is sewn from an original pattern by Magda based on Marc's drawing of a topsy-turvy creature.

-- Size
8 x 13.5 inches (20 x 35 cm) overall dimensions
4 inches (10 cm) deep

-- Materials
> purple 80% wool 20% cashmere felt coat fabric
> grey cotton blend upholstery velvet
> silver nylon/mettalic lame fabric accent
> polyester stuffing

plush stuffed animals
Image by emily.bluestar
Watso has a unique talent that always helped him meet other dophins in the deepest part of the ocean. His ability to impersonate all kinds of animals, from the narwhal to the humpback to even the sounds of the giant tortoise, helps him make tons of friends. Now he wants to make one more new friend who loves to hear all kinds of different ocean voices.

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