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For Japan
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Image by faith goble
May God have mercy on the suffering people and animals of Japan.

This photo is licensed under Creative Commons, so if anyone would like to use it in any publication or website to benefit the victims of the terrible tragedy in Japan, please do so. I can't do much for these poor people, but I can donate the use of this work to any person or group asking for prayers and volunteers and to legitimate charities trying to raise money for relief efforts to help alleviate some of the anguish. May we reach out to those in need whenever we can and try to love one another. We are all brothers and sisters under the skin, no matter what color we are or where we live.

Here's a link to an article published by the Better Business Bureau that tells you how to gauge whether charities are reputable or not. The BBB page does NOT accept donations nor does it provide links to charitable organizations (that's a good thing), and it might help those wishing to give make sure that their generosity is actually benefiting those they wish to help.


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