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Nice Animals Facts photos

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May I Introduce Myself
animals facts
Image by James Marvin Phelps
This guy has caught on to the fact that nuts are given out on the deck.

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All the Lions
animals facts
Image by Men In Black
Somehow, I managed to miss the fact that the male lion was sitting above the females.

20090307 - cats outside enjoying the nice weather - 176-7682 - Clint, Oranjello - climbing tree
animals facts
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Oranjello no longer wants to visit his favorite perching place from his earlier visits to the creek -- he's too big to fit in between the trees anymore. And despite the fact that he's by far the best climber out of the 5 cats we've owned ... He wasn't at all interested in climbing this tree.

Oranjello the cat, tree.

back yard, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.

March 7, 2009.

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BACKSTORY: Hard to believe that just 5 days before, there was a snow-storm. The weekend was really really nice in the 70's. Lemonjello still wasn't thrilled to be outside, but Oranjello loved it. If Carolyn tried to pick him up, he'd growl and whine to stay outside. At least until Clint threw a rock into the creek and Oranjello got somewhat freaked out.

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