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Nice Extinct Animals photos

Check out these extinct animals images:

extinct animals
Image by seriykotik1970
"The chief features of the picturesque grounds are the broad central walk, 96 feet wide, and 2660 feet long; the arcade of iron trellis work, and the rosery around, placed on a mound; the two grand fountain basins with the stone arcades; and the lake at the bottom of the gardens, with restorations of extinct animals upon its islands. These restorations are intended to give as accurate a notion as can now be formed of those animals, whose bony remains have been found fossilized in various ancient strata, the Hylaeosaurus, Megalosaurus, Tclithyosaurus, and other monsters, with forms as ugly as their names, which lived in lakes and swamps in the age of reptiles. "
Here is a modern view:
Maybe a distant ancestor of this character:

Ichthyosaur fossil, Royal Ontario Museum
extinct animals
Image by InSapphoWeTrust
Ichthyosaurs were sleek, dolphin-like creatures that lived in the dinosaur era. Like modern dolphins, they breathed air, but unlike dolphins, ichthyosaurs were reptiles. Ichthyosaurs are probably my favorite extinct animal.

This fossil was found in Dorset, England; in the ichthyosaurs' heyday, England was a warm, shallow sea, home to a large population, and its clay sea floor preserved and fossilized many ichthyosaurs.

Stone Mammoth and a small pigeon
extinct animals
Image by wallygrom
The Stone Mammoth near the fountain. Norbert Font i Sagué was a Catalan geologist, speleologist and writer, who had the idea to exhibit great extinct animals with full size sculptures. This mammoth sculpture itself was made by sculptor Miquel Dalmau.

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