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Trampled by Hundreds

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Trampled by Hundreds
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Image by JohnBrody.com
Hundreds of Ducks (any info as to type would be appreciated) in my back yard. As I lay in the grass shooting, I knew their fear had gone when they started walking OVER me instead of around me. You must see Large image for better effect HERE: johnbrody.smugmug.com/gallery/2271721_3xoMs#478590117_shRnj

Some Bird
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Image by Stuart Gibson
Totally forgot to take note of what type of bird this was, but it was very pretty.

anger is as a stone cast into a wasp's nest
types of animals
Image by monkeyc.net
I hate wasps. Im allergic to some types of wasps and hornets so i tend to stay clear, and it was a real nerve thing trying to get close enogh for this photograph - i Confess I held the camera out at arms length and used auto focus :)

Yet i love the way this turned out - the wasp in the center seems to be staring right at me.

Now of course I have to work out a way to kill the bloody things.

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