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Cool Facts About Animals images

Some cool facts about animals images:

Even Scorpions Cuddle
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Image by Furryscaly
Az and Femme cuddle under a blacklight. I miss these guys. They're Arizona bark scorpions. Formerly known as Centruroides exilicauda, they're now back to the original Centruroides sculpturatus name, after being split into two separate species. The Baja California bark scorpion, being the "newer" species, gets the newer C. exilicauda name, while the "older" Arizona bark scorpion gets its old name back.

You should NEVER leave a blacklight on a scorpion long-term. The intense UV rays will eventually kill the nocturnal animal. Some pet stores market scorpion habitats with blacklights because they look cool, but they don't tell you the facts. Long-term blacklight exposure will stress them out. They like it dark.

Here they are featured on UglyOverload.com on June 24, 2007:

Az and Femme are also featured in the scorpion gallery at About.com's Phoenix, AZ site:

EXPO88_Static Display_019
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Image by Degilbo on flickr
Alaskan bear in USA Pavilion at Expo 88 held in Brisbane from 30 April to 30 October 1988. Taken with Agfamatic 4000 on Kodacolor 110 size film. Some facts about the Alaskan or Kodiak bear: "The island grizzlies of Alaska (Kodiak and Admiralty) are considered the largest land carnivores in the world, and live on a diet of fish and other rich food. The inland animals are smaller by some 30%."

Expo '88 was a World's Fair held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia between April 30 and October 30, 1988. The theme of the Expo was "Leisure in the Age of Technology" and at a cost of AUD5 million, Expo '88 was the largest event of the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations of the British settlement of Australia.

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