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Nice Animal Jobs photos

Some cool animal jobs images:

My Brother the Wack Job
animal jobs
Image by twodolla
I question his sense of humor, and I question it often.

(Dear Animal Rights People: No dogs were harmed while this photo was being taken, nor were any dogs in any danger of being harmed. Just shut up.)

This looks like a job for. . .
animal jobs
Image by Collin Harvey
I'm slowly getting the hang of Photoshop. Finally.

A handful of animals pulling a siege in ice
animal jobs
Image by jon_a_ross
Frozen memories does some ice sculpture displays at the zoo during the winter. I didn't see them do this new ice sculpture, but as it wasn't there when we entered and it was there four hours later when we left I have to give them full marks for doing a good job.

A brief trip to the Calgary Zoo (www.calgaryzoo.com).

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