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Cool Animal Plant images

Some cool animal plant images:

Small plant
animal plant
Image by foko_madagascar
Small tree have been planted
Actually, how many species of plants, animals, birds and insects are disappeared because of the climate change. This world is in danger. Nowadays there is many people don’t drink clean water, the air is polluted and the land is deserted. To face that problems, BUEC took a part of the protection of the environment in Tamatave. As an English club for the University students, we gave an example to all the students of the University students of Tamatave of how should we behaved to face this problem yesterday afternoon (Sunday, August, 02nd , 2009) instead of having a meeting. We planted 61 feet of small trees in the campus. As I said, from this day we’re going to help this world to fight against this problem. We’re going to protect the environment. So this one was only the for starting and the first step because we want to make sure that we can manage it before acting. And also we want to let people knows that BUEC is alive, BUEC exists, BUEC helps you and BUEC is always thinking of the best of this world: LOVE, PEACE and HEALTH. The first step was successful and now we’re thinking for the next action, it’s gonna be outside of the campus. We do hope that the mayor will be agreed and allowed us to do the same thing of what we did in the campus.

Now I would like to profit to tell you that our club is open for everybody who want to visit us, to be member and why not for those who want to help us. I insure you that you won’t regret to choose BUEC. I would like also to thank Mrs. Yan (Ivoloina park) who gave us the small trees for free, and the President of the University of Tamatave who allowed us to fulfil our dream. We don’t forget also to thank all of the journalists who came to see and to film what we did yesterday and indeed special thanks for Mr. Chaplain who always assisted us to all we did. He is like our couch. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

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