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Nice Wildlife Animals photos

Some cool wildlife animals images:

Another bird in the sunset
wildlife animals
Image by Tambako the Jaguar
At around the same place, I photographed this bird. Its name is chaco chachalaca, thanks Buckeye & co. for the ID.

wildlife animals
Image by cindy47452
These raccoons were being fed (against park rules) at Spring Mill State Park today. This one seems to be figuring if I'm a threat or if they can just keep eating. They continued their begging in spite of being on a very busy pathway into the Pioneer Village area of the park.

I don't in any way condone feeding these curious critters, I merely took an opportunity to grab a few shots. When the raccoons (or deer) are fed, then they are not afraid to approach people. So when they start tearing into tents at the campground, they get into all kinds of trouble. You don't do wildlife any favors when you feed them. The rules are there for a very good reason.

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