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Giant Ground Sloth

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Giant Ground Sloth
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Image by edenpictures
Eden standing in front of a megatherium fossil at the Field Museum with her new stuffed elephant. This has been one of my favorite extinct animals since I was Eden's age.

extinct animals
Image by oschene
Or Great Auk, shuffled off this mortal coil on June 3, 1844.

Eric and I sometimes joke about a species of folder known as the Penguin Diagram Seekers, so this seemed à propos. I just found it ibetween the pages of a book about extinct animal and bird species. It appears to be made from a fish base and was probably folded in the mid 80s. Although the head is good, the flippers are too big and too far foward and the feet are unfinished.

I must have gotten bored with it and shoved it into the book. Which I just did again.

And no, there aren't any diagrams for this.

Stone Mammoth
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Image by wallygrom
The Stone Mammoth near the fountain in Parc de la Ciutadella. Norbert Font i Sagué was a Catalan geologist, speleologist and writer, who had the idea to exhibit great extinct animals with full size sculptures. This mammoth sculpture itself was made by sculptor Miquel Dalmau.

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