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Elegance Defined - South African Giraffe - UPDATE
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Image by Sheree (Here intermittently)
My ultimate animal -- and I love many -- especially gorillas -- is a giraffe. And I was not disappointed by our recent safari into Kruger National Park ... and another South African park near Hluhluwe.

Our guide got us so close to the animals, we could have touched them. The giraffes were spectacular with their elegant bodies and beautiful eyes.

Here is one of my favorite shots. Look at her gorgeous eyes. How do I know this is a girl? She has hair on her horns; the boys rub all the hair off their horns when they fight.

Slept in a "hobbit hole" for the past couple of nights...and all I could think about were the snakes and spiders crawling around outside. Yes, there are black mambas here.

Now we are spending a night on the Indian Ocean, the Dolphin Coast. Beautiful area.
No spiders or snakes in or around my bed.

Tomorrow, we are off to the mountains.

Blessings to all my Flickr friends,


all about animals
Image by Niklas
Poser. Pretty tired after all of her running about.

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