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Nice Names For Animals photos

A few nice names for animals images I found:

Day One Hundred Fifty
names for animals
Image by Dustin Diaz
150/365. Meow meow meow

Everyone, if you haven't met her already, this is Meow meow meow. (That's really her name). I had adopted her after as one of my (only) own after I met Erin. She is 84 years old according to this human to cat years calculator. It was only appropriate that she gets a special day like 150 (seemed like a good round number).

But of course, even if you're not into the strobist stuff... it's worth watching the setup for this one.

Also, a couple other things I want to mention. I noticed some folks have been requesting the 'ol black and white diagrams for the setup info since they are easier to study. I agree. But this is FREE information. Free as in beer. Other folks have requested that I remove the qutoed text on each picture. No. I'll keep doing whatever I think feels right.


setup, camera, strobist info: see the video

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