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Nice Animal Pound photos

A few nice animal pound images I found:

Bat Flight
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Image by Woody H1
Over a million bats leave the Congress St. Bridge in Austin, Texas to feed during the night. (Experts say this colony eats about 36,000 pounds of insects each night.)

Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus)
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Image by cliff1066™
Size: Sloth bears grow five to six feet long, stand two to three feet high at the shoulder, and weigh from 120 (in lighter females) to 310 pounds (in heavy males).


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Image by Digo_Souza
Jacarés e aligatores pertencem à família Alligatoridae e são animais muito parecidos com os crocodilos, dos quais se distinguem pela cabeça mais curta e larga e pela presença de membranas interdigitais nos polegares das patas traseiras. Com relação à dentição, o quarto dente canino da mandíbula inferior encaixa num furo da mandíbula superior, enquanto que nos crocodilos sobressai para fora, quando têm a boca fechada.O tamanho de um jacaré pode variar de sessenta centímetros (jacaré-anão) até 6,5 metros (jacaré-açu), podendo pesar de três a quinhentos quilos.

Os jacarés habitam as Américas, tendo desaparecido da Europa no Plioceno. Na América do Norte, ocorre, predominantemente, o gênero Alligator. O gênero Crocodylus, da subfamília Crocodylinae, família Crocodylidae, como o Crocodylus acutus, é encontrado ao sul do estado norte-americano da Flórida.


Crocodiles and alligators belong to the family Alligatoridae and animals are very similar to crocodiles, which are distinguished by the head shorter, and the presence of large webbed hind feet of the thumbs. Regarding the teeth, the fourth lower jaw canine tooth engages a hole in the upper jaw, whereas in crocodiles protrudes out when they have the mouth of a crocodile fechada.O size may vary sixty centimeters (alligator-dwarf) to 6 5 meters (black caiman) and can weigh from three to five hundred pounds.

Alligators inhabit the Americas, having disappeared from Europe in the Pliocene. In North America, it occurs predominantly in the genus Alligator. The genus Crocodylus, subfamily Crocodylinae, family Crocodylidae like Crocodylus acutus, is found south of the U.S. state of Florida.




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